Who can be a great scrum master?

Lot of organizations, managers and scrum masters have this question. What makes a scrum master great? Is he/she just need to know scrum or do they need to have more than that?

My usual answer – a scrum master need to have some skills and traits. Of course, having sound agile/ scrum knowledge is important and equally important is some mindset aspects which are listed below.

  • Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness
  • Ask the team
  • “I have great responsibility, but no authority”
  • “The collective minds of the team vastly exceeds my own”
  • My job is to make sure I’m not needed
  • I win when the team wins
  • Able to holding the mirror for them to reflect and adapt
  • Make team feel accountable, inspired, focused
  • Inspire, don’t “require”
  • Don’t give team the fish, teach them to fish.
  • Non judgmental
  • Actions based on facts and not on perceptions
  • You are a midwife, not the laboring woman Smile
  • Live the values!
  • Have serve the team as primary goal.

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