Empty glass on New years?

New Year is round the corner. It is that time of the year where all of us setout goals, make resolutions, define plans to achieve them. I believe setting goals is important as it acts as a guiding post on how our energy, time and efforts are going to put in.

Let me share a simple but a great thought I picked up from a speaker in one of the conferences I attended recently. We are always ambitions. We always focus on the things that we are yet to achieve, fix things that have gone bad, try to find and fill the gaps. In a nutshell, looking glass half empty. I don’t mean glass half empty in a negative way. It is important and required to see glass half empty so we set goals to become better at we do, how we do, both professional and personal level. At the same time, it’s important to look at glass half full.

Look back at the year and ask, “What has improved”, “What has changed”, “What I/we did exciting this year”?

I recommend to do this “Yearly Review” with your clients, family and yourself.

We all take success for granted and, forget it and focus on new challenges. Before we set out goals, acknowledge success. See glass half full before figuring out how to fill the other half.


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